International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 23, No. 2, August 2021.

    Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo
    RWTH-Aachen University
    52074 Aachen

    Prof. Martin Arthur
    Washington University, St Louis
    Missouri, USA
    Guest Editor
    Prof. Uwe Pliquett
    Institute for Bioprocessing and
    Analytical Measurement Techniques
    37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt
    Guest Editor
    Prof. Thomas Knösche
    Max Planck Institute for
    Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
    Stephanstraße 1A
    04103 Leipzig



Magnetomyography - New Opportunities with Optically Pumped Magnetometers.
pp. 11/1-4.
Justus Marquetand, Juergen Dax, Davide Sometti, Sangyeob Baek, Cornelius Kronlage, Markus Siegel, Christoph Braun, Philip Broser, and Thomas Middelmann
Real-Time Artifact Detection and Removal for Closed-Loop EEG-TMS. pp. 12/1-4.
Matilda Makkonen, Tuomas P. Mutanen, Johanna Metsomaa, Christoph Zrenner, Victor H. Souza, and Risto J. Ilmoniemi
On the Effective Resolution of TMS, its Tradeoff with Signal-to-Noise Ratio, and the Experimental Implications. pp. 13/1-4.
Tuomas P. Mutanen, Victor H. Souza, Jaakko O. Nieminen, and Risto J. Ilmoniemi
Real-Time Data Processing for Brain-Computer Interfacing using Optically Pumped Magnetometers. pp. 14/1-6.
J. Zerfowski, T. H. Sander, M. Tangermann, S. R. Soekadar, and T. Middelmann
Effect of Coil Model Detail on Computed Electric Field in TMS. pp. 15/1-5.
Matti Stenroos and Lari M. Koponen
Simulation Study of Different Sensing Directions in OPM and SQUID MEG. pp. 16/1-4.
Urban Marhl, Tilmann Sander, and Vojko Jazbinšek
ECIS with 10,000 Channels – a Feasibility Study on Biofilm Growth. pp. 17/1-5.
C. Gansauge, K. Schieke, and U. Pliquett
A Four-Point Measurement Probe for Brain Tissue Conductivity and Permittivity Characterization. pp. 18/1-4.
Lucas Posner, Lydia Seebeck, Matthias Laukner, Florian Wilhelmy, Dirk Lindner, Uwe Pliquett, Bojana Petkovic, Marek Ziolkowski, Thomas R. Knösche, and Konstantin Weise
Forward and Inverse Electrocardiographic Errors Caused by Reducing the Full-Body Surface to a Torso Model. pp. 19/1-8.
R. Martin Arthur
A FEM Model Simulating Current Density Distribution Within Thigh-Muscles.
pp. 20/1-9.
Alfred Hülkenberg, Steffen Leonhardt, Sergey Shchukin, Alexander Kobelev, Andrey Briko, and Chuong Ngo
Modeling of Flow-Dependent Blood Conductivity for Cardiac Bioimpedance.
pp. 21/1-13.
Florian Voss, Leonie Korn, Steffen Leonhardt, and Marian Walter.


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